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* Some of the information on the site is incorrect or unclear. How can I get this fixed? *

Please let us know urgently via the feedback form. In the “type of request” drop-down select “Content / algorithm inaccurate” and we will ensure it is treated with the highest priority. You can also contact Julia at the ECCO office directly on

Browser support: if the site does not look good on your browser/phone etc...

The e-Guide currently supports “modern” browsers, including Internet Explorer 9+, Google Chrome & Firefox. Standard browsers for Android & iOS mobile devices are also supported. We are working on adding full support for Internet Explorer 8 and (possibly) Internet Explorer 7, according to need.
At present the e-Guide is designed primarily to work on desktop computers and tablets. Algorithms should be visible on mobile phones, but the site is not specifically optimized for these at present.

Can I use the e-Guide offline? Is the e-Guide available as a mobile app?

The e-Guide is currently only available online. However we are looking to develop an offline version and/or mobile app in the future.

How do I log-in to the e-Guide?

As of February 2015, the ECCO e-Guide is now open access. You do not need to be an ECCO member to access the e-Guide.

I have a great idea for improving the e-Guide. Who do I tell?

We are looking to continuously improve the e-Guide over the coming months & years. You can share your ideas with the ECCO office and e-Guide developers via the feedback form

I’ve found a bug in the site. Who do I tell?

Please let us know via the feedback form. In the “type of request” drop-down select “Technical issue”.

What are the sources of information used in the e-Guide?

The e-Guide is based on the ECCO Consensus Guidelines, as well as on original studies referenced in the guidelines. While we have always aimed to base content on the guidelines, there is inevitably some degree of expert interpretation required and details of the contributor team can be found on the About page. The latest ECCO statements (currently 2014) are used except where specified.

Who developed the e-Guide?

The development of the e-Guide was led by Dr Marcus Harbord. The full list of contributors can be found on the About page.
The e-Guide web platform was developed by Sociable Data, who support the e-CCO e-Guide by means of an educational grant.

Terms and conditions

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Any treatment decisions are a matter for individual clinicians and may not be based primarily on the e-Guide content.

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