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The ECCO e-Guide is a freely-accessible online platform for Healthcare Professionals in IBD, which aims to visualise the ECCO Guidelines as algorithms based primarily on the main UC and CD Guidelines of ECCO. The updating process of the e-Guide is therefore also bound to the updating cycles of the major ECCO Guidelines.

It is a key policy of ECCO to ensure that guidance given by the ECCO e-Guide is based on evidence and validated processes – which are properly referenced. Each piece of information on the e-Guide is coming from published papers (official ECCO Papers with a Consensus procedure, SmPC approved by regulatory authorities and referenced articles of the calculators, scores and indices) but not all published papers of ECCO will be included in the e-Guide.

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Treatment of extensive colonic disease. Interlinks with proctitis & left-sided colitis algorithms in UC.
Treatment of ileocaecal disease, sub-divided into quiescent, mild, moderate & severe
Treatment of extensive small bowel disease, sub-divided into quiescent, mild, moderate & severe
Treatment of foregut disease, including conventional induction therapy
Management of anti-TNF therapy, including induction, optimization & maintenance
Managing medically-induced remission, including treatment & reducing risk factors
Considerations regarding pregnancy in IBD, including effect on treatment, fertility & pregnancy