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Crohn's disease

New presentation of Crohn's disease, including baseline investigations & imaging
Treatment of fistulating perianal disease, including simple & complex disease
Treatment of stricturing Crohn's disease, including perianal, colonic, ileo-caecal & small bowel
Treatment of penetrating disease, including enterocutaneous, enterovesical, enteroenteric & enterogynaecological fistulae
Management of anti-TNF therapy, including induction, optimization & maintenance
Managing medically-induced remission, including treatment & reducing risk factors
Managing surgically-induced remission, including timing of reassessments
Considerations regarding pregnancy in IBD, including effect on treatment, fertility & pregnancy
Management of Crohn's disease in children & adolescents, including diagnosis & treatment

Ulcerative Colitis

New presentation of ulcerative colitis, including severity assessment & IBDU
Treatment of proctitis, including quiescent, mild, moderate and severe disease
Treatment of left-sided colitis, including quiescent, mild, moderate and severe disease
Management of steroid / thiopurine refractory ulcerative colitis
Treatment of acute severe colitis, including considerations for surgery & initiating second line therapy
Treatment of extensive colitis, including quiescent, mild, moderate and severe disease
Maintenance therapy in ulcerative colitis, including considerations based on manner of induction of remission
Investigation and treatment of pouchitis
Surgical management of ulcerative colitis, including consideration pre- and post-surgery