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About the e-guide


The ECCO e-Guide is a freely-accessible online platform for Healthcare Professionals in IBD, which aims to visualise the ECCO Guidelines as algorithms.

These algorithms were developed during 2013/14 on behalf of ECCO (the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation) by Marcus Harbord, with assistance from a large number of IBD experts and ECCO Officers – acknowledged in the list below. The software development is based on a perpetual license – freely granted by Sociable Data.

ECCO e-Guide 2.0: In 2018-2019, an educational grant of Janssen allowed for intensive work to be done on the e-Guide, which included:

  • Pertinent content updates of the algorithms with respect to the recently published Diagnostic Guidelines and the new ECCO Guidelines on Therapeutics in CD;
  • Streamlining of the summary of therapeutic interventions with the SmPC approved by regulatory authorities;
  • Dedicated enhancement of the calculator section of the e-Guide with integrated calculators and guidance on how to use them;
  • Full project-integration within the e-Learning framework of ECCO and cross-referencing to further educational resources under the IBD Curriculum of the e-CCO Learning platform. The platform is now managed by two nominated e-Guide Champions in cooperation with the e-Learning Taskforce and selected GuiCom Members working on respective Guidelines.

The e-CCO Learning platform offers a broad inventory of up-to-date educational material (with interactive e-Courses, multimedia material and an extensive e-Library including Congress presentations, webcasts and abstracts). The IBD Curriculum hyperlinks direct you to the e-Learning platform where ECCO Members benefit from unrestricted access to educational content. Moreover, selected sections of the e-Guide also hyperlink directly to other relevant educational material on the e-Learning Platform.

The ECCO e-Guide is primarily based on the main UC and CD Guidelines of ECCO. The updating process of the e-Guide is therefore also bound to the updating cycles of the major ECCO Guidelines.

With respect to the new Guidelines generation of ECCO, a new approach in Guidelines methodology has been introduced: the GRADE Methodology has a robust evidence-based structure, which is more based on treatment interventions (instead of very specific situations as in the previous Guidelines).

With the new ECCO Guidelines on Therapeutics in CD (published in 2019) and UC (publication expected in 2021), the key policy of ECCO was confirmed - establishing that guidance given by the ECCO e-Guide is based on evidence and validated processes – which are properly referenced. Each piece of information on the e-Guide is coming from published papers (official ECCO Papers with a Consensus procedure, SmPC approved by regulatory authorities and referenced articles of the calculators, scores and indices) but not all published papers of ECCO will be included in the e-Guide.

Due to the elaborate process of the ECCO Guidelines development, permissions cannot be granted to reproduce any of the ECCO content of this platform.

e-Guide Champion


Gionata Fiorino

IBD Center, Humanitas Research Hospital

Gastroenterologist and Clinical Researcher

Rozanno, Milan, Italy

e-Guide Champion


Kostas Katsanos

University and Medical School of Ioannina

Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Ioannina, Greece

e-Learning Taskforce:

  • Fernando Magro
  • Pascal Juillerat
  • Henit Yanai
  • Marietta Iacucci
  • Christian Maaser
  • Kostas Karmiris
  • Paulo Kotze
  • Pierre Ellul

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of IBD experts and ECCO Officers as e-Guide Contributors

e-Guide Lead Development: Marcus Harbord, London, United Kingdom

  • Andreas Sturm, Berlin, Germany
  • Stephan Vavricka, Zurich Switzerland
  • Nuha Yassin, London, United Kingdom
  • Vito Annese, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Sandro Ardizzone, Como, Italy
  • Franck Carbonnel, Le Kremlin Bicêtre, France
  • Monica Casarini, Rome, Italy
  • Glen Doherty, Dublin, Ireland
  • Rami Eliakim, Tel Hashomer, Israel
  • Paolo Gionchetti, Bologna, Italy
  • Hannah Gordon, London, United Kingdom
  • Torsten Kucharzik, Lüneburg, Germany
  • Antonio López-Sanroman, Los Santos De La Humosa, Spain
  • Gerassimos J. Mantzaris, Athens, Greece
  • Siew Ng, Hong Kong, China
  • Tiago Nunes, Luasanne, Switzerland
  • Elisabeth Schnoy, Regensburg, Germany
  • Joana Torres, Loures, Portugal
  • James Lindsay, London, United Kingdom
  • Peter Irving, London, United Kingdom